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The Watershed Partnership works in Connecticut to promote safe, healthy, livable communities for present and future generations through education, advocacy, and technical assistance.  We envision an environment with wholesome food, clean water, soil air, healthy forests, and functioning wetland, where both people and a diversity of wildlife can flourish.

The Watershed Partnership incorporated in Connecticut as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in September of 2004.    We work independently and collaboratively with other organizations to foster values, attitudes, policies, and laws that prevent or decrease pollution of land and water.  Dr. Jerry. Silbert, a physician trained in pathology, laboratory medicine, and environmental health, has been the Partnership’s executive director and lead organizer since November 2000.

The Watershed Partnership works on practical targets for change at both the local, regional and state level.  We are proud of our accomplishments:

  • The Watershed Partnership is actively working to decrease and eliminate the use of toxic lawn pesticides.
  • To protect children’s health and the environment, the Watershed Partnership spearheaded a successful effort to ban toxic lawn pesticides on the grounds and athletic fields of all public and private elementary and middle schools.  Connecticut was the first state to do this.
  • The Watershed Partnership lead the campaign to Improve the regulation of pesticide use in all Connecticut’s day care centers and ban toxic pesticide use on their grounds.
  • We are now working with municipalities to help them transition to pesticide-free athletic fields.
  • Through our municipal outreach we are helping towns to pass resolutions asking their citizens to voluntarily stop using toxic lawn pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  • The Watershed Partnership coordinated the effort to successfully convert the Connecticut’s Governor’s Residence’s lawn to natural organic care.
  • We are helping towns to stop using toxic lawn pesticides on municipal properties and town greens.
  • The Watershed Partnership is helping private citizens to eliminate lawn pesticide use.
  • The Watershed Partnership developed a comprehensive action plan for the protection of the Quinnipiac River Watershed.
  • We spearheaded a multi-municipal compact to protect and improve the Quinnipiac River and the designation of the Quinnipiac River as an official Connecticut Greenway.
  • The Watershed Partnership is now actively working to promote community gardens, community supported agriculture, and local healthy food for schools.

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