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Len Hubbard Community Garden

The mission of the Len Hubbard Community Garden is to promote and support ecological sustainability by establishing a community garden.  The LHCG is committed to sharing knowledge about organic gardening, land stewardship, sustainability, food preservation, nutrition and health.  The LHCG will build Guilford’s food security by encouraging local food production, food source awareness and sharing fresh produce with neighbors in need.  The LHCG will build social networks to encourage a safe, healthy community and deepen our partnership with our local ecosystem.


All operation and activities of the Len Hubbard Community Garden are guided by five core principles:

Health: The LHCG allows people to grow and eat food that is fresh and nourishing, both for themselves and their families. Gardening activities get people outside and moving around and thus promote fitness.

Education: The LHCG provides opportunities for people to learn how to grow and prepare their own food. This happens both through formal workshops and through the informal sharing of knowledge among the gardeners.

Environmental Health: The LHCG follows gardening practices that sustain, rather than destroy, the health of the earth. LHCG gardeners do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides; they rotate crops and amend the soil. The LHCG will also serve as a vehicle for learning abut sustainability and other important environmental issues.

Community building: The LHCG provides opportunities for Guilford residents to connect with each other, to share in the joys of gardening, to celebrate their garden and garden bounty.

Food security: The LHCG enhances food security by allowing people to grow their own food, thus providing a very low-cost source of healthy food. The garden also grows food to donate to the Guilford Food Bank.