Community Garden

The Len Hubbard Community Garden, a project of the Watershed Partnership, is at the Guilford Keeping Society’s Medad Stone Tavern on 197 Three Mile Course in Guilford, CT.



Len Hubbard Community Garden The mission of the Len Hubbard Community Garden is to promote and support ecological sustainability by establishing a community garden. ┬áThe LHCG is committed to sharing knowledge about organic gardening, land stewardship, sustainability, food preservation, nutrition and health. ┬áThe LHCG will build Guilford’s food security by encouraging local food production, food …

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Garden Rules

Len Hubbard Community Garden at the Medad Stone Tavern We of the Len Hubbard Community Garden thank the Guilford Keeping Society for allowing us to use their property for our garden. Some of the rules listed below are put forth by the Guilford Keeping Society and therefore must be strictly enforced. Regarding the following rules, …

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