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Garden Rules

Len Hubbard Community Garden

at the

Medad Stone Tavern

We of the Len Hubbard Community Garden thank the Guilford Keeping Society for allowing us to use their property for our garden. Some of the rules listed below are put forth by the Guilford Keeping Society and therefore must be strictly enforced.

Regarding the following rules, the Leadership Committee of the LHCG can make decisions about unique situations, always within the context of the garden’s mission and guiding principles

* * * RULES * * *

2011-2012 Growing Season

  • I will have something planted in the garden by May 1, 2011 and keep it planted all summer long.
  • If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden manager.
  • I will keep weeds at a minimum and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot.
  • If my plot becomes unkempt, I understand I will be given 1 week’s notice to clean it up. I will keep trash and litter out of the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences.
  • I will participate in the fall cleanup of the garden, and will, in addition, participate in at least one committee.
  • I will plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots.
  • I will pick only my own crops unless given permission by another plot user.
  • I will not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and will aspire to the standards of the CT Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) that are printed out and posted at the garden.
  • I will use the compost system according to Garden guidelines.
  • I will not in any way utilize any areas of the Medad Stone Tavern beyond the boundaries of the community garden without permission of the Guilford Keeping Society President.
  • I will not interact with the horses that are grazed in the fields surrounding the community garden.
  • There is limited parking at the garden. I will park only in the spaces provided inside the fence surrounding the garden.
  • I will limit my use of the garden to daylight hours.
  • Guests are allowed in the garden only when accompanied by a Garden member, or when they’ve signed a waver of liability.
  • I will securely close the garden gate when either entering or leaving the garden.
  • I will not bring pets to the grounds of the Medad Stone Tavern.
  • I will supervise any children that I bring to the garden and not allow them to venture beyond the boundaries of the community garden.
  • I will not sell any produce that I grow in the community garden.
  • I understand that not following these rules will result in the loss of my plot.

I understand that neither the Watershed Partnership nor the Guilford Keeping Society are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold harmless Guilford Community Garden Association, The Watershed Partnership, and the Guilford Keeping Society, for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the Garden by me or any of my guests.